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Detailed Information About Horizen


Coin, which was known as Zencash in the past, was created by using the forked software of the ZClassic. This new network of the Hoizen coin was not financed by an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The owners o, Zclassic’s coins, were decided on not creating a new network, the new parts of the Horizen network. What they do is that each user who had Zencash before, automatically gained Horizen coin proportional to the ownership rate of Zencash. In this new system, some parts of this cash are kept in order to finance the platform itself. This proportion is 8.5% of all coin supply. 

 Today we will talk about what is Horizen subject and its details for the crypto market followers. Horizen has various features. If you want to learn more detail about Horizen coin, our article awaits you below. Here we start:

How to Buy Horizen?

 If you wonder how to buy Horizen coin it can be bought on Binance market for the curious ones. You can also see the other options on the internet. You may be found different payment methods on some web sites. 

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